Memorial University Student’s “Project Sucseed” Hydroponic Farming Initiative – Supported by CHEP Canada – Earns Two Enactus Awards

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Memorial University Student’s “Project Sucseed” Hydroponic Farming Initiative – Supported by CHEP Canada – Earns Two Enactus Awards

Oct 5 2017
  • Portable farming system – manufactured by at-risk youth – brings year-round fresh produce to isolated, food insecure families in harsh growing climates
  • Initiative wins Enactus 1 Race 2 End Waste Award, named Global Runner-Up at 2017 Enactus World Cup

Toronto, Canada – October 5, 2017 – A team of students from Memorial University of Newfoundland that showed how portable hydroponic farming can help deliver fresh produce to economically-disadvantaged and geographically-isolated families, won the Enactus 1 Race 2 End Waste, and was named Global Runner-Up at the 2017 Enactus World Cup. CHEP Canada, a Brambles Company, provided the Memorial students with strategic guidance and operational and logistics support.

“Food security is one of society’s biggest challenges, and is a core focus of Brambles’ Better Planet, Better Business, Better Communities initiative that creates positive connections between Brambles’ employees, customers and the communities in which we operate,” said Paola Floris, Vice President and General Manager of CHEP Canada. “The Enactus Memorial team displayed tremendous creativity and operational ingenuity to bring this program to life, and we are proud of the role we played in helping them turn their vision into reality. The next step will be to scale the program, so communities and families in-need around the world can benefit from this initiative.”

The Enactus team at Memorial University of Newfoundland developed a cost-effective, portable indoor hydroponic system for growing fruits and vegetables year-round, especially in areas with harsh weather that lack adequate growing conditions. Under the program, Project Sucseed, profits from hydroponic system sales to schools and community centers are used to provide economically-disadvantaged and geographically-isolated families in Canada and other communities with the means to grow fresh produce year-round. To amplify the positive impact of the program, the team employed at-risk youth from the Choices for Youth program to build the hydroponic systems.

CHEP Canada provided the Memorial team with strategic planning support. In addition, it helped the team with production, sourcing, supply chain and order fulfillment advice and counsel.

To date, the program has deployed more than 650 hydroponic growing systems in 114 communities, positively impacting the lives of nearly 800 individuals in Canada, India and Haiti. Additional units will be sold in Canada, the U.S. and Europe, bringing the total number of units worldwide to more than 1,500 by the end of 2017.

Enactus is a non-profit community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better, more sustainable world.

The Enactus 1 Race 2 End Waste award recognizes Enactus teams and their projects that tackle the food waste/loss crisis.  Brambles has been an instrumental part of the Race to End Waste.  J.J. Freijo, Head of Sustainability at Brambles, helped establish the initiative, and Brambles was a sponsor of the 2017 competition.

“Enactus is a special organization with a unique mission, and we are proud to support its goals, and help the Enactus Memorial University of Newfoundland Team develop an innovative program that helps feed the world responsibly and sustainably,” concluded Mr. Freijo.

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