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    Packaging Performance Validation Unlocks Sustainability Opportunity and Cost Savings

    Package Testing Reduces Waste and Saves

    CHEP validates tissue company switch to environmentally-friendly packaging, reducing waste and saving $320,000.

    Packaging Performance Testing

    Reduce Your Damage, Waste and Expense

    CHEP’s Innovation Center helps private label manufacturer reduce waste and save $200,000 annually.



    General Mills and CHEP Collaborate on Supply Chain Efficiency

    CHEP helps General Mills save on labor, reduce under-utilized transportation miles by more than 130,000 and save over $3 million.

    In 1949, the average grocery store carried less than 4,000 products. Today, an average grocery store carries nearly 40,000 products.

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    How Metro saved time and money with platform standardization

    CHEP and Metro develop a platform solution for use internationally resulting in greater efficiency and cost savings.

    La standardisation des plateformes des produits maraîcher génère des économies

    Metro Case Study Thumbnail

    Conversion des Flux Internationaux

    La solution à plateforme unique développée par CHEP et Metro a entraîné une amélioration de l'efficacité et une réduction des coûts.

    Wholesum Harvest, one of North America’s fastest growing providers of organic fruits and vegetables, was founded on a commitment to “take care of the planet, the land, their workers and their customers”.


    How Wholesum Harvest served their business and humanity

    CHEP helps align Wholesum Harvest’s supply chain with their core values and reduce their company’s environmental impact.

    When you’re in the business of selling canned soup, you rely heavily on seasonal promotions to drive sales.

    cans_case study

    How a Soup Company Aided Retail Partners and Their Own Bottom Line

    CHEP helps a major, multinational soup company improve in-store product placement with off-aisle promotional displays on half pallets.

    Transportation is a critical component of the consumer goods supply chain. Virtually every manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer is searching for collaborative freight opportunities to reduce the costs of transportation and its impact on the environment.

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    How our customers can lower their transportation costs

    CHEP helps customers reduce the cost of empty miles in the supply chain and their impact on the environment through our extensive network and resources.

    Harvest Hill Beverage Company acquired Juicy Juice, the iconic brand and pioneer of the 100% fruit juice products, in 2014.


    How Harvest Hill Beverage Company improved quality and reduced costs

    CHEP evaluates Harvest Hill’s product transportation, shipping and handling procedures and optimizes processes to reduce produce damage.

    Gardening is good for the environment. The more plants, the more carbon dioxide is removed from the air.

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    How Walmart Canada moved closer to its goal of zero waste

    CHEP helps Walmart Canada turn an unexpected reverse logistics issue into a zero waste sustainability opportunity.