Reduce Your Damage, Waste and Expense

Reduce Your Damage, Waste and Expense

Packaging Performance Testing

Private label products – food, beverage and consumer packaged goods – compete against national and global brands on quality and price. So their manufacturers are diligent about finding ways to reduce costs along their entire supply chain, including reducing damaged goods and the input costs for their packaging.

Packaging reductions, minimizing product damage and loss in the fast-moving consumer goods sector goes far beyond efficiency and cost-savings – they help reduce environmental impact and food waste, a leading cause of methane, a top contributor of landfill-based greenhouse gases that impact climate change.

A large private label manufacturer of pre-moistened wipes partnered with CHEP to solve a vexing problem. The manufacturer protected its product from damage during transport with corrugated cardboard slip sheets. The slip sheets came with an annual cost of $200,000 and the company wanted to explore ways to eliminate or reduce its investment in the protective packaging. In addition, eliminating or reducing the slip sheets could potentially reduce recycling costs and/or waste fees.

“We needed to reduce the cost of our packaging but did not know if we could achieve a slip-sheet-free scenario for our private label product. It was only through the expertise and capabilities of CHEP that were able to develop and document a scenario to reduce costs without increasing damaged goods and reverse logistics expenses.”

Director, Packaging Development
Multi-National Private Label Manufacturer


The Solution
CHEP’s engineers at the CHEP Innovation Center developed a testing protocol that compared various scenarios for protecting the private label product along the entire supply chain. Multiple variables were tested under real-world conditions, including transportation, stacking, vibration and handling simulations. Each scenario was analyzed for evidence of damage and the results were documented.

The Results
After 8 days of rigorous testing CHEP’s engineers were able to develop a solution for the private label manufacturer that allowed the company to protect its product during transportation, storage and handling and eliminate the use of slip sheets altogether. The innovative solution developed and documented by CHEP saved the company $200,000 annually.

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CHEP’s Innovation Center helps private label manufacturer reduce waste and save $200,000 annually.