Turning Your Downtime Into Profit

Turning Your Downtime Into Profit

Diagnosing Downtime, Enabling Efficiency and Profit

At one of the nation’s leading producers of private-label fruit juices and fruit drinks, shipping volumes leaving the company’s mid Atlantic production facility depend on a critical component that lies at the end of each line: The palletizer.

This heavy-duty, high-speed machine automatically stacks finished cartons of consumer products onto a waiting pallet and then transfers the load to a stretchwrapping station. For CHEP’s customer, the palletizer function is also high-value: 20 to 25 palletized loads per hour are required to meet production demands and delivery schedules.

The MidAtlantic facility began experiencing higher-than-expected palletizer malfunctions, resulting in costly downtime. It was evident that the dispensing mechanism that deposited pallets underneath each load was jamming, but it was unclear why.

“The CHEP team came in and quickly ascertained the problems we were having. They worked in tandem with our internal staff and the result was improved optimization, reduced downtime of our palletizer, and overall cost savings.”

VP, Supply Chain
Private Label Manufacturing


The Solution
CHEP sent engineers skilled in packaging and manufacturing applications to analyze the situation using Six Sigma methodologies. By systematically defining, measuring and analyzing data from each step of the palletizing process, CHEP’s engineers were able to rule out suspected causes, such as damaged or irregular pallets.

Test data clearly showed that tolerances and clearances within the palletizers’ internal mechanical components fell outside the manufacturer’s specifications. From the data, CHEP’s team formulated recommendations for an enhanced maintenance schedule for the palletizer systems.

The Results
The client accepted and implemented CHEP’s recommendations. Palletizer downtime defects decreased by 44 percent and the company realized downtime-related cost savings of 49.9 percent.

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CHEP engineers diagnose juice company production problem and reduce downtime and packaging costs.