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Supply Change.TM

Increasing efficiency. Decreasing risk.

The opportunity

You have an idea of how to change your packaging. How to ship more for less. How to reduce your environmental impact. How to enhance your product's presence or utility. Naturally, you can't afford to have things go wrong in market. That's why it makes sense to test those ideas before you implement them - in real-world conditions, to see how they work, how they can be improved and exactly how you'll benefit from them.
We can help with packaging and shipping innovation to reduce costs in multiple ways - in your primary packaging, secondary packaging, transit packaging and shipping platforms. Plus, testing allows you to inexpensively evaluate new packaging before you incur the costs of implementing it. It removes risk. Prevents mistakes. It takes the insecurity out of innovation.  

What we do

The best way to understand the real world is to learn about it inside a simulated real-world environment. That's why, unlike our major competitors and most other shipping and conveyance companies, CHEP has its own ISTA-certified engineers and testing facility, the CHEP Innovation Center. For more than a decade, the engineers at the Innovation Center have helped customers understand real-world
shipping conditions in our state-of-the-art facility.

We'll replicate and simulate real-world material-handling, shipping and environmental conditions to determine the supply chain's impact on a unit load. Specifically, the testing simulates the impact of trucking transportation, rail transportation, aircraft, forklifts, clamp trucks, automated systems, manual handling, humidity and temperature extremes on product and packaging.

How we'll work together

Our testing meets ISTA standards, but it's anything but standard. Our testing is customized to meet the particular needs of your business. We'll work with you to make sure your product and packaging are subject to the right tests under the right conditions. From start to finish, our testing process can be accomplished in four to six weeks. During that time we'll talk with you to understand your goals and testing requirements. We'll agree on tests required, unit load components to be tested, date of completion and cost to conduct testing. We'll then conduct the agreed-upon multiple handling simulations, validating the unit load and individual packages.

The entire process is customized for your business and is collaborative. This isn't one test fits all. It's working with you to develop the right tests for your particular packaging needs.

Global Good

Through our Packaging Performance Testing solution, we work with our customers to help them find ways to use more recyclables in their overall packaging mix. This effort has significantly reduced the amount of packaging waste in the environment. It’s all part of CHEP’s Better Planet initiative, as we work to minimize the impact of the supply chain on the environment.

How you'll benefit

  • Our testing lab can help you reduce costs associated with primary packaging, secondary packaging, transit packaging (slip sheets and shrink wrap) and shipping platforms 
  • Testing in simulated environments eliminates the risk of making mistakes in the real world
  • Packaging Performance Testing inside the Innovation Center is also used to certify unit loads being shipped and some major retailers require all new products to pass an ISTA 6 Series member performance test before acceptance into their facilities
  • We can simulate and test every leg of your supply chain and every impact factor


Because we've tested thousands of unit loads for some of the largest companies in North America, we have unmatched expertise when it comes to packaging performance testing. We also have the Innovation Center, one of the industry's only ISTA-certified testing facilities. These are all reasons why we can help you innovate and optimize your packaging. We look forward to working with you.  

Our Innovation Center is certified by ISTA, representing manufacturers, packaging suppliers, testing labs and carriers working together to ensure responsible packaging. 

Testing packaging to the highest standard.

Real-world ROI from Packaging Performance Testing.


We helped a beverage manufacturer save $500,000 by finding optimal packaging weights.