This is the
Supply Change.TM

Reducing both platform and labor costs.

The opportunity

It’s simple.

Whether you want to make better use of pallets freed from load, increase the value of pallets you want to sell or reduce the procurement cost of pallets you rent or buy, your manufacturing operation will run more efficiently with CHEP’s resources on-site pallet management resources. helping you manage your pallets.

Imagine how much simpler your business will be when your people no longer have to sort, repair, track, manage and inventory pallets, and deal with multiple vendors to buy, sell, remove and deliver pallets. 

What’s more, because CHEP has decades of pallet management experience, we know how to better repair the pallets you can reuse to reduce the possibility of product damage as your unit loads move through your supply chain. We also know how to better sort your recycled pallets so you can get the highest price for the pallets you want to sell.

With our people on-site, you’ll also gain supply chain efficiencies by reducing your pallet procurement costs. We lower your pallet costs by collecting CHEP pallets from a nearby retailer and shipping them directly to your facility. We then sort and manage on-site for your use. We eliminate the transportation costs of shipping pallets to our service centers. Which means you save.

With CHEP’s pallet expertise inside your operations, you no longer have to spend time in pallet management. You eliminate labor costs and free your people to focus on where they can provide the most value — getting goods to market more efficiently on a pallet that lowers your cost of goods.

What we do

We help you save money two ways — on pallet cost and through labor efficiency. With the expertise of our team on site, our customers experience average procurement savings of 7.5% on pooled pallets and 20% on recycled pallets.

Our on-site pallet management experts can take on every aspect of platform management, including sortation, repairing, and returning of platforms to inventory for usage. We work with every type of platform: pooled pallets, recycled pallets, containers and proprietary platforms.

Platforms freed from load that meet your requirements are inspected on-site and returned to inventory for immediate use. Platforms not meeting your specifications can be repaired on site or at a CHEP Service Center and returned to your inventory.

We can do the tracking, reporting and inventory management of all platforms within your supply chain. Additionally, warehouse and logistics-related services are offered to facilitate successful operation of customer sites.

How we’ll work together

To identify savings and opportunities for efficiency improvements, we’ll complete the following steps: 

How you’ll benefit

No one has more platform experience than we do. Through the years, we’ve helped our customers:

  • Lower procurement costs of delivered pallets
  • Reduce product damage through quality platforms
  • Reduce labor and transportation costs
  • Increase revenue from sales of excess pallets
  • Better utilize capital due to just-in-time inventory control
  • Focus on core competencies: manufacturing and delivering the highest-quality goods efficiently



CHEP is the leading national platform provider with a deep understanding of both pooled and recycled pallets — and the volume of supply your business requires. No one is better suited to handle all your platform-related tasks than we are. Using CHEP to manage your platforms on site lets you focus on other areas of your business with the confidence that we can help you, as we’ve helped thousands of other customers. We look forward to working with you.


Global Good

CHEP’s Platform Management solution can greatly reduce the transporting of pallets to and from your facilities. This reduces carbon emissions as well as the use of fuel. It’s all part of CHEP’s Better Planet initiative, as we work to minimize the impact of the supply chain on the environment.

Taking the cost of transportation out of your pallets.