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Shipping more for less.

The opportunity

A small improvement in how much product you can fit load on a pallet can lead to significant cost reductions. You can get these savings —savings that lower labor costs, handling costs, pallet costs and transport costs — often with no operational change.

CHEP makes Unit Load Optimization simple. Our process is customized, efficient and cost-effective — especially when you consider that many companies experience an ROI of up to 400% from this initiative. That’s what can happen when unit loads are optimized every day, for every load.

Optimized unit loads typically reduce:

What we do

Only CHEP combines the expertise of our experienced engineers, state-of-the-art unit load software and access to testing at CHEP’s ISTA-certified Innovation Center. CHEP brings together two unique capabilities — unit load configuration and packaging testing — in one solution. Together, they can help you configure maximum pallet load efficiency for every load and test configurations to ensure real-world success.

This can help you move product more economically, reducing fuel and labor costs. What’s more, Unit Load Optimization helps many customers “find money” in their supply chains. By periodically testing how and what you’re shipping on pallets, we find new ways and new efficiencies that often result in new savings.

We take into consideration individual packaging dimensions, the total unit load weight and the weight capacity of the truck. Each case pack is then placed in the ideal location and direction, building a unit load design that can carry the maximum amount of product securely, with minimal damage.

Then, at CHEP’s Innovation Center we make sure everything works in the real world. We simulate distribution hazards associated with handling operations, warehouse stacking, transportation and atmospheric conditions. We also look at the impact of transportation, forklifts, automated systems, manual handling and environmental conditions.

Our Innovation Center is certified by the International Safe Transit Association — representing manufacturers, packaging suppliers, testing labs and carriers working together to ensure responsible packaging.

How we'll work together

CHEP couples software data derived from analysis of your unit loads using advanced unit load software with exhaustive testing at our ISTA-certified state-of-the-art Innovation Center. We’ll collaborate with you in designing the optimal unit load and then we’ll subject those loads to a variety of tests that simulate real-world conditions.This two-tiered process is your assurance that you’re doing the most to get the most out of your unit loads.

Optimizing by putting software and testing together:

  • We’ll identify your unit load optimization needs and determine the number of configurations to evaluate
  • We’ll verify the unit load metrics important to you, complete all agreed-upon optimizations, and then test and analyze all potential optimizations
  • We’ll compile a full test report with unit load diagrams and test data, then review all results with you and determine if additional studies are required

Optimizing your unit load in four to six weeks:

How we'll improve you unit loads together

How you'll benefit from Unit Load Optimization:

We can help you:

  • Configure individual case packs in a way that places the greatest possible amount of product onto a pallet
  • Test in our Innovation Center in simulated environments to eliminate real-world mistakes
  • Understand the impact of the supply chain on new products, new primary packaging, new secondary packaging or new transit packaging
  • Reduce pallet procurement costs, shipping material costs, transportation costs, labor costs and material handling costs
  • Gain a better understanding of certain conditions that play a role in product damage
  • Get detailed information on the performance of unit loads throughout your supply chain on different pallet platforms
  • Discover the optimal mix of product, packaging and unit load transit packaging
  • Optimize both unit and trailer loads so you can significantly cut transportation costs and reduce carbon footprint
  • Use more-sustainable packaging with less corrugate
  • Ship mixed pallets for point-of-purchase or club-store displays
  • Reduce costs associated with primary packaging, secondary packaging, transit packaging (slip sheets and shrinkwrap) and shipping platforms
  • Certify unit loads being shipped into retail

Testing packaging to the highest standard.


Only CHEP offers both unit load configuration and packaging testing in one combined solution, backed by the experience of CHEP’s engineers and our ISTA-certified Innovation Center. We can simulate and test every impact factor within every leg of your supply chain, allowing you to eliminate real-world mistakes. We’ve done this for many of the largest companies in North America. We look forward to working with you as well.

Global Good

Last year, through Unit Load Optimization, we helped our customers stack more on pallets and optimize space inside truck trailers. This eliminated thousands of loads and thousands of pounds of carbon from our atmosphere. It’s all part of our Better Planet initiative as we work to minimize the impact of the supply chain on the environment.

Real-worl ROI from Unit Load Optimization