This is the
Supply Change.TM

Protecting the environment. Improving your bottom line.

The opportunity

Sustainability and cost savings are no longer mutually exclusive. They go hand in hand.

We'll collaborate with you, look at every leg and aspect of your supply chain, and find ways to reduce its impact on the environment. We can show you how sustainability-doing what's right for the environment-doesn't get in the way of doing what's right for your business. In fact, it makes it better.

Reducing our impact on the environment is everyone's job. And for more than 60 years, it has been a job we've taken seriously. No wonder environmental sustainability is at the core of our values and our business model. We'll couple our love for the environment with our unmatched global experience and our unique position at the core of thousands of supply chains.

We'll apply our expertise and look at all aspects of your supply chain. We'll find places to make things better, allowing you to achieve the twin missions of reducing your costs and your environmental impact.

We can help ensure that your supply chain meets your sustainability goals and your business goals. So you can do whats right for your company and whats right for all of us.


What we do

We'll look at your entire supply chain and then determine how we can help you handle and transport your products at a lower cost to your business and with minimal impact to the environment.

We'll find ways to help eliminate waste, increase your efficiencies, lower costs and use more sustainable materials. We'll help you figure out how to eliminate the cost of empty miles-and the fuel and CO2 that go along with them. We can help you, like we've helped so many other companies, reduce the amount of damaged product ending up in landfills. We can also help you reduce the number of trips needed to transport goods and pallets to and from your facilities. And we can help you develop and implement more environmentally friendly, lower-cost packaging.

Because we have the broadest and most environmentally friendly range of product conveyance platforms, we can also help you determine where you can use eco-friendly platforms at a lower cost to your business.

Finally, we can help you quantify and measure your environmental sustainability progress. We also have the experience needed to help get your sustainability initiatives adopted throughout your organization. Together, we can make a difference.


"CHEP helped us save 865,000 empty miles and reduce 2.7 million pounds of CO2."

- Senior Director, IB Logistics, Walmart Stores, Inc.

An Environmental Opportunity Map charts your entire supply chain to identify all areas of improvement.

How we’ll work together

We have a customer and field tested methodology to help advance environmental sustainability throughout your business. 


How you’ll benefit

Beyond the obvious benefit of protecting the planet, our field-proven Environmental Sustainability solutions help companies large and small improve their bottom line.

We can help you: 

  • Determine how to handle and transport your product at a lower cost to your business and with less impact on the environment
  • Find the right balance of environmentally friendly product conveyance platforms
  • Eliminate empty miles through collaborative freight
  • Ship more product per lane or to store by optimizing trailer cubes and unit loads
  • Develop and use more environmentally friendly primary, secondary and transit packaging
  • Reduce food waste, damaged product and materials sent to landfills
  • Determine your current environmental savings from using our platforms


We've worked with many of the world's premier supply chains. And along the way, we've learned how to make them more sustainable, and when and where to employ best practices. No one in the market offers more sustainable conveyance platforms, solutions and measured results. We look forward to working with you to help make your company more environmentally friendly.

We helped a major beverage company fill 850,000 empty miles and reduce its CO2 output by 3.2 million pounds while gaining $1.6 million in additional revenue. 

Global Good

As a company, we’ve built our business model around our deep and abiding respect for the environment. Because of our unique position at the core of so many supply chains, we’ve gained expertise helping companies make the most of their efforts to reduce their environmental impact. It’s all part of CHEP’s Better Planet initiative, as we work to minimize the impact of the supply chain on the environment. Together, we can make the world a greener place.

Environmental sustainability is at the core of our values and our business model