This is the
Supply Change.TM

Getting more from every unit load.

The opportunity

More efficiency. Less waste.

More speed. Less damage.

Better deployment of labor. More impact at shelf.

When you work with CHEP, you'll find we have what it takes to make all that happen for your business and your supply chain.

You'll have the platforms, the quality, the supply and access to our broad array of solutions as well as our pragmatic, roll-up-your-sleeves know-how.

Everything you need to get more from your unit loads.

To move them. Stack them. Store them. Ship them. Profit from them. Throughout your network and at the point of sale. 

Everything you need for a better supply chain. One in which you make more money on every unit load. Because everything just works better.

This is the Supply Change. Together we can make it happen.™

What we do

We provide pooled and recycled platforms that are ideal for exporting all types of goods all over the world. And we offer supply chain solutions to manufacturers and retailers in over 60 countries. Through that experience, we’ve gained the knowledge and expertise needed to counsel companies throughout North America that are doing business around world. We work with them to understand and improve their the international supply chains as they relate to platform usage.

We can help you identify the mix of platforms that is right for your international flows. And we can help you understand the platform-related market requirements and regulations of the countries you ship your products to.

Because we provide the widest range of platform types — from heat-treated pooled and recycled pallets to containers and RPCs — we are platform agnostic. We help you choose the platform that matches your needs and the requirements of the country you are shipping to or importing from. We can also provide a team of experts — from virtually any origin or destination market — to assist with the planning, due diligence and implementation of your supply chain processes abroad.

Pooled Pallets

We invented pallet pooling 60 years ago, and to this day, it remains the most efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly platform solution available. With pooling, it’s all about customer density and network scale. That’s how you minimize costs and maximize customer value, and it’s where CHEP sets itself apart. With approximately 20,000 manufacturing locations and 11,000 retail distribution centers across North America, we have customer density everywhere. Layer on top of that our network of over 200 service centers and it means we can serve every facility in your network better than anyone else can.

CHEP’s pooled pallet solution can help you:

Pooled Pallets

  • Reduce costs and product damage
  • Maintain consistency of quality, quantity and service
  • Increase automated equipment uptime
  • Standardize equipment, processes and best practices
  • Improve customer and end-consumer satisfaction
  • Meet pallet needs during times of high volume, uncertainty or unplanned events

Recycled Pallets

Recycled PalletsIf you ship your product down widely varied channels, recycled pallets may be the best solution to meet your needs. We deliver over 70 million recycled pallets every year and can seamlessly move pallets across markets to meet your demands. This eliminates changes in supply and virtually guarantees you’ll have the right product, on time, in the right place, every time.

Custom Pallets

Custom PalletsHeavy, oversized and promotional products often demand a custom pallet solution—something that’s not a standard size and spec. Whatever your product’s particular need, we can help you meet it. Our custom pallet solution includes an initial design and development consultation, testing of prototypes inside our ISTA-certified Innovation Center, fabrication and delivery of new custom pallets, and customer conversion to recycled custom pallets.

Fractional Pallets

Fractional PalletsWhether you’re looking to increase sales through creative store merchandising or minimize touches per case, fractional pallets are a good alternative to standard pallets. Our fractional pallets are primarily half pallets and quarter pallets and can be pooled or recycled. They create value in two ways. First, they can help increase product sales through store merchandising and display. Second, they can help you more efficiently move products through the supply chain to point of purchase. Fractional pallets also allow you to distribute product to small store formats.

International Pallets

International PalletsOur pooled and recycled heat-treated international pallets can help you ship goods across borders at the lowest cost. CHEP’s heat treating complies with ISPM 15 in an environmentally friendly way, ensuring that our pallets meet standards for international shipments. We also offer supply chain solutions to manufacturers in over 60 countries. Through that experience, we’ve gained the expertise needed to counsel companies in North America to improve their international supply chain performance.


RPCsCHEP’s sister company, IFCO, is the world leader in Reusable Plastic Containers. We manage over 165 million RPCs and offer a total of 24 different sizes globally. IFCO RPCs address the packaging, product quality and transportation requirements of many goods currently being transported via corrugated boxes and crates. This makes them an ideal in-network or end-to-end store fulfillment solution.


ContainersIn over 60 countries around the world, CHEP’s container pooling solutions offer you a cost-optimized, environmentally sustainable way to bring raw materials from suppliers to your supply chain. These can include liquids, flavorings, dairy products, edible oils, protein, dry goods, chemicals and closures. With the widest range of containers in the industry, we can collaborate to find a platform that will work for you.

No one, in North America or around the world, can match our supply, scale and reach.


No one has helped more companies move more goods to more places for more people than CHEP. Our engineers and supply chain experts have been at the heart of thousands of supply chains-collaborating with customers to streamline operations. Our unmatched portfolio of supply chain solutions leads the industry and can help you optimize every aspect of your operation-no matter where you're located. We look forward to collaborating with you to create efficiencies throughout your supply chain.

Global Good

For more than 60 years, CHEP has been the global leader in reducing, reusing and recycling resources. By its very nature, pallet pooling shares resources and is a sustainable business model. Today, in everything we do, we’re focused on helping our customers develop and improve more efficient, safer and environmentally sustainable supply chains.  It’s all part of CHEP’s Better Planet initiative, as we work to minimize the impact of the supply chain on the environment. 

The industry's broadest array and greatest supply of sustainable platforms.