This is the
Supply Change.TM

Freeing your resources to optimize their value.

The opportunity

You don't want to spend your time, energy and resources in places where they don't return maximum value. Instead, you want to free your people and assets to focus on where they'll be most effective.

CHEP's Reverse Logistics solutions can help you do that by providing you with a unified, North American infrastructure that can better optimize efficiencies and revenue opportunities at the backend of your supply chain.

Our people, transportation and facilities can help you remove, collect and redistribute shipping platforms and recyclables from your stores and distribution centers. Your resources are freed to focus downstream. And that all happens while you maintain greater control of your company-owned assets at the store level.

What we do

Our global network helps you manage salvage more easily than ever. We can do all the work for you, or share the work with you. We can help you capture lost assets at the store level. We can open up back-haul revenue opportunities. We can help you collect, sort, redistribute and profit from the platforms at the end of your supply chain. We can manage everything at our facilities, or inside yours. And because we have both the global network and the technology required to provide reverse logistics at any scale, we can also supply you with concise reporting, a company-wide view and corporate control across your supply chain.

Further, by decreasing the amount of waste going to landfills, we make it easier to meet your increasingly more stringent environmental commitments. In fact, we can turn what is waste today into revenue tomorrow.

CHEP offers Reverse Logistics solutions that are tailored to support your network. Just as every retailer is different, our Reverse Logistics solutions will be adjusted to accommodate your strategy and its demands.

In short, we make the backend of your supply chain more efficient, letting you focus on your core business.

Global Good

Our Reverse Logistics solutions are designed to fully support your environmental commitments. They help you reduce, or often eliminate, salvage currently going to landfills. And by reducing extra trips and empty lanes, they reduce carbon emissions and the use of fuel. It’s all part of CHEP’s Better Planet initiative, as we work to reduce the impact of the supply chain on the environment.

How we’ll work together

Our Reverse Logistics solutions can help you optimize your supply chain and create value in what was otherwise a cost center or cost-neutral program. Here's how we'll help you get started:

  • We'll visit distribution centers and stores to assess and understand pain points and needs
  • We'll identify which items are currently collected at the store level and optimize value for recycled products and other platforms
  • We'll determine the lowest-cost method of managing reverse product flow
  • We'll ascertain the optimal mix of off-site and on-site services, using your labor or ours to reduce your costs
  • We'll present a full Reverse Logistics solution, complete with estimated benefits and a timetable for execution
  • We'll develop ongoing metrics related to reverse logistics flows, targeting improved value year over year

Within 90 days, you could have both the complete analysis and the information you need to roll out the service.

How you’ll benefit

By leveraging our expertise, labor and transportation network, you'll see:

  • Greater utilization of trucks, trailers and proprietary platforms, as well as space within distribution centers and stores
  • Reduction or elimination of your pallet and recyclable waste stream
  • Revenue for items previously disposed of and maximum value for recycled items
  • Labor savings throughout your supply chain
  • Transportation savings through fewer empty miles
  • A simple way to meet environmental requirements as you move toward fewer (or zero) items in landfills
  • The use of shipping platforms at a lower net cost
  • Accurate tracking and reporting of every asset, trip, dock sweep, store retrieval and transfer
  • Easier removal, collection, sortation and redistribution of pallets, totes, containers, recyclables and proprietary platforms


Every day, we bring all our resources to bear - our global reach, our company-owned network and more - to provide you with a solution that allows you to monetize more of your salvageable assets. We look forward to working with you.

Over 1,000,000 pallets collected per day. Over 400 facilities in North America. 45,000 lanes per week.