This is the
Supply Change.TM

Inventing. Innovating. Implementing.

The opportunity

The name of the game is innovation.

Innovation that helps you get products onto shelves more quickly, more efficiently, more in front of the eye-line of your customers. Innovation that lets you meet the rapidly expanding demands of multiple store formats.

Now your stores - all of them, no matter where they are or what their size - can be on the cutting edge of innovation. Driving sales. Driving efficiency. Driving customer retention.

We'll collaborate with you and take the best of what we've learned from around the world and help adapt it to your needs. We can pilot breakthroughs in one store and then apply our know-how and vast resources to incorporate those innovations throughout your entire supply chain.

And, because of our size, our reach and our relationships in the market, we can be a catalyst for industry-wide adoption of new standards that improve the supply chain.

We can help you leverage new platforms to reduce labor costs through out your supply chain.

What we do

Through our Store Fulfillment Solutions, we can help you identify and implement new platforms that are designed to: 

  • Refocus the activities of in-store labor to serve shoppers better
  • Increase efficiency of moving product from point of origin to point of purchase to improve shopper experience
  • Reduce the number of touches within all segments of your system
  • Improve the quality of perishable items
  • Increase sales 

We'll help you optimize the many aspects of your store operations.

How we'll work together

CHEP has collaborated inside countless store operations. We've learned from the best thinking in retail environments around the world. By collaborating with you to improve your efficiency and margins, we'll:

  • Define: We'll look at pain points and opportunities and work  to quantify any inefficiencies and their costs through site  visits and a value chain analysis.
  • Ideate: Our Innovation Team can create new solutions  with your teams, advance ideas you already have or leverage global customer solutions. We can also leverage manufacturing relationships to identify additional collaboration partners.
  • Pilot: We'll identify a Minimal Viable Product to cost effectively determine if the solution will produce the results you need. We'll confirm and validate the value of the solution through site visits and value chain analysis.
  • Develop and engineer: Based on what we learn from the pilot, we can scale a cost-effective solution across your entire operation.
  • Launch and realize: We'll bring the solution to life in your operation and make sure you're realizing its potential for  your business.

How you'll benefit

We've helped leading retailers from around the world introduce new store fulfillment solutions. We can help you: 

  • Reduce time from distribution center to point of purchase
  • Reduce the number of human touches with new platforms
  • Increase in-store labor efficiency
  • Improve availability of products for shoppers to purchase
  • Realize category growth through solutions designed for specific products
  • Find the optimal solution for your different store formats
  • Identify partnerships that help you find the best solution for your company


No one has more experience and expertise across a wider range of platforms than CHEP. And we have the resources, influence and know-how to help turn your innovations into a business advantage. We also lead the Strategic Leadership Forum, where we work with manufacturers and retailers to invent, innovate and integrate new platforms. We look forward to working with you on your next innovation.

Platform innovations from around the world.

Optimizing all aspects of store fulfillment

We work with customers around the clock and around the world to test and analyze new platforms, finding new ways to save time and increase selling opportunities. We collaborate to perform in-store studies-working with our customers to design new solutions that will both reduce costs and improve the shopping experience through fresher product with less damage.

With our customers, we concentrate on four key priorities to optimize all aspects of store fulfillment:

  • Category Specific Solutions: Unique platforms designed to reduce damage and increase efficiencies
  • Promotional Solutions: Display unit loads designed for high impact and accelerated sales
  • Multiple Store Format Solutions: Innovative platforms and optimal platform mix to accommodate evolving retail landscape
  • Replenishment Solutions: Optimizing labor costs and reducing out-of-stocks 

We can help you leverage new platforms to reduce labor costs throughout your supply chain.

Global Good

By creating new store fulfillment solutions, we drive efficiencies and reduce wasted goods, materials, resources and energy. And as our pooled solutions are adopted by the market, their shared and reusable model lessens environmental impact. It’s all part of CHEP’s Better Planet initiative, as we work to minimize the impact of the supply chain on the environment.

Real-world examples of store fulfillment innovations.