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Supply Change.TM

Leveraging the power of North America's largest backhaul shipper.

The opportunity

It's no secret. Finding ways to optimize your transportation network can have a huge impact on your supply chain - not to mention your bottom line.

So what if you could join forces with the largest backhaul shipper in the country? What if you could share the assets and resources of a network that has more than 45,000 unique lanes and over 20,000 locations across North America?  And what if you could collaborate with supply chain experts to lower transportation costs, add revenue, improve network efficiencies or even leverage your transportation network.

That's the idea behind CHEP Transportation Solutions.

Our transportation solutions and services are designed to leverage synergies between your opportunities and our extensive resources.  And with the wide-ranging expertise of our specialists, we can help you generate tangible transportation revenue, supply chain efficiencies and significant cost savings. What's more, we can help you eliminate empty miles and carbon emissions to bolster your company's sustainability efforts. It's a win, win, win - for you, for us and for the environment.

What we do

Our immense network of lanes, facilities and customers enables us to find more overlaps with your network to identify and realize meaningful transportation savings, through:

Fleet Optimization

If you have a private or a dedicated fleet, we can identify closed-loop opportunities for your fleet and arrange for you to transport our extensive and attractive backhaul freight. We'll hire your fleet to transport CHEP platforms from a CHEP facility to another customer's facility. You earn direct revenue. We gain capacity. And empty miles are eliminated - along with CO2 emissions.

Carrier Synergies

With Carrier Synergies, we create closed loops by combining matching lanes, within your network and ours. Carrier Synergies has helped many of our customers lower transport rates, increase carrier capacity, match inbound loads with outbound loads and, by enabling the reuse of trailers once they're unloaded, even improve yard efficiencies.

Customer Pickup

Customer Pickup lets you use your own private fleet or for-hire carrier to transport platforms from our Service Centers to your facilities. You’ll receive a platform fee discount — which can offset freight costs. Plus, you’ll maintain production control by picking up your platforms on your timetable — based on your needs.

How we'll work together

Global Good

Last year, through Fleet Optimization alone, we helped customers eliminate 1.28 million empty miles and reduce carbon emissions by 2,344 metric tons.  It's all part of CHEP's Better Planet initiative, as we work to minimize the impact of the supply chain on the environment.

More lanes, distribution points and collection points to help you eliminate empty miles.

How you'll benefit

Our transportation solutions can help you: 

  • Leverage synergies to lower transportation costs
  • Increase carrier capacity through network efficiencies
  • Generate direct revenue through backhaul freight opportunities
  • Increase dock and yard efficiencies
  • Improve driver retention and service levels by creating efficiencies in the supply chain
  • Lower operating costs from increased asset utilization
  • Improve the asset utilization of your private fleet
  • Eliminate empty miles and reduce CO2 emissions 


Only CHEP can give you access to our vast network of over 20,000 customer locations, over 400 CHEP facilities and over 45,000 unique lanes throughout North America. We are within reach of virtually every place you need to ship to. We have leveraged synergies with large and small companies throughout the US and Canada to help them optimize their transportation networks - and fulfill their commitments to sustainability. We look forward to working with you.

Proven ROI from Transportation Solutions.

Using transportation synergies to find and deliver real value.